RC-96-8,RC-72-8 panel meter

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SpecificationPrimary CT(A) Model of meter Accuracy
AC AmmeterFrom 10A,15A,20A,30A… to 3000A,5000AWithext.c/t 1A or 5ARC-96,RC-72Class 1.5
From 0.1A,0.5A,1A,5A,10A,25A…to 80A ,100AAC direct connectionRC-96,RC-72Class 1.5
DC AmmeterFrom 50uA,100uA,1mA,5mA…1A,5A,10A,25A,30A… to 100ADC direct connectionRC-96,RC-72Class 1.5
From 10A,15A,20A,30A…2500A,3000A… to 8KA,10KAWith ext.shunt 50MV,60MV or 75MVRC-96,RC-72Class 1.5
AC VoltmeterForm 30V,50V,100V… to 300V,500V,600VAC direct connectionRC-96,RC-72Class 1.5
From 1KV,2KV,5KV… to 380KV,450KVWith ext.voltage transformerRC-96,RC-72Class 1.5
DC VoltmeterFrom 10V,20V,30V… to 500V,600V,1000VDC direct connectionRC-96,RC-72Class 1.5
From 1KV,2KV,5KV… to 5KV,9KV,10KVWith ext.resistorRC-96,RC-72Class 1.5
Frequency MeterVoltage: 110V ,220V ,380V, 440VRC-96,RC-72Class 1.0
Power factor meter(cos隆脫)Voltage:110V,220V,380V,440V current:1A or 5Afor 1 phase or 3 phaseRC-96,RC-72Class 2.5
Power meter (Kw or kvar)Voltage:110V,220V380V.440V current:1A or 5AFor 1P 1W,3P3W,3P4WRC-96,RC-72Class 1.5
With C?T or voltage transformet
Maximum demands ammeter15min 5A,or 15MIn 1AChangeable scaleRC-96,RC-72Class 3.0
Interchangable scale:

The scales of the instruments in this catalogue are conform to the DIN 43802 standards.The instruments for use by means of a C.T. or shunt can have interchangeable scales and are made in such a way that it is impossible to touch the indicator or damage th mechanism while the change is carried out.
Shift the lid placed on the upper part of the instrument in the direction of the arrows to obtain access to the aperture; after each operation,close the lid accurately to totally close the aperture
Important warning:the instrument should not be connected into the supply when the scale is replaced

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