SF-96-6 SF72-6 Series Panel Meter

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Moving coil type:DC 100 uA 50A DC 30V-600V
Moving iron type:AC 1A-60A AC 150V-60V
Rectifier type:AC 3V-600V AC 1A-5A
Accuracy:class 1.5
Model :SD-96 SF-72 SF-48
AC ampere overolad Scale:100%,200%,300%,500%,
DC Ammeters above 50A require abasic 50mV meter combined with an external shunt.
AC Ammeters above 100A require a basic 5A meter combined with an External CT.

AC voltmeters above 600 vp;ts reqiore a basoc 150V meter combined with an external PT

Model:SF-96Hz SF-72Hz SF-48Hz:

Working positionVertical
Rated voltage100V,220V,380V,500V
Limit of voltage fluctuation卤20%
Test voltage2KV,50c/s
Measurign range45-65 c/s
CompostionGlass window,ABS resin frame and case,PC glss fiber base mounting fittings included
ColourBlack base and frame,white scale plate and meter body
PointerStick shape in black colour

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