Thermal Relay

  • JR28 Series Thermal RelayJR28 Series Thermal Relay

    JR28 Series Thermal Relay

    JR28 series thermal overload relay (hereinafter referred to as thermal relay) is suitable for overload and open phase protection of AC motor with AC 50 Hz / 60 Hz, voltage to 690 V and current of 0.1-630A for long or intermittent operation.
    The thermal relay also has the functions of temperature compensation, action indication, automatic manual reset, stop and so on. The product performance is stable and reliable.
    The thermal relay meets the requirements of GB 14048.4, GB 14048.5, IEC 60947-4-1, etc.
    The thermal relay can be connected with the contactor or installed independently

  • JRS2 Series Thermal RelayJRS2 Series Thermal Relay

    JRS2(3UA) Series Thermal Relay

    JRS2 (3UA) series thermal relay (bimetallic thermal overload relay)is suitable for AC 50 / 60Hz, voltage to 660-1000v, current to 630A long-term work or intermittent long-term work. thermal relay is generally used as motor thermal overload protection, with open phase protection, temperature compensation, trip indication function, automatic and manual reset, and can be connected with contactor.  It can also be installed independently.

  • JRS5 Series Thermal RelayJRS5 Series Thermal Relay

    JRS5 Series Thermal Relay

    JRS5 thermal relay is suitable for overload protection of AC motor operated on 8-houres dutyor uninterupted duty. The overload protected AC motor with frequency 50Hz, voltage up to660V, current up to 105A. Several functions provided by these relays are: phase-failure protection,temperature compensation, ON/OFF indication and manual/automatic reset. The product con-forms to IEC60947-4-1 stardand.