Pushbutton & Indicator

  • AD22 LED signal indicators

    Ad22 series signal indicators are led high pure color, with long service life, low energy consumption, small volume and light weight.

  • LAY5 (XB2)emergency stop pushbutton

    The  can also be called “emergency stop emergency stop pushbutton”, which is referred to as the emergency stop button in the industry. As the name suggests, the emergency stop pushbuttonis a measure that people can quickly press this button to achieve protection in case of emergency.

  • LAY7 pushbutton switchLAY7 pushbutton switch

    LAY7 pushbutton switch

  • Pushbutton Switch XB5

    Pushbutton Switch XB5

    The original operating head of  XB5 button switch, the snap locking mechanical system of the body and the single screw fastening design are very convenient for customers to install and use and improve efficiency.

  • XB2 Pushbutton box-push button control box

    XB2 series Pushbutton box are applicable to industrial control circuits with AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated working voltage up to 415V and DC rated voltage up to 250V

  • XB2 Pushbutton Switch

    XB2 series push button switch are suitable for industrial control circuits with AC 50Hz / 60Hz, rated working voltage up to 380V and DC working voltage of 200V.

  • Pushbutton Switch LAY4

    XB4 Pushbutton Switch

    XB4 Pushbutton Switch series of products designed for various industrial applications have the characteristics of convenient installation, wide application range, firmness and durability