TDGC2 TSGC2 TDGC2J TSGC2J Voltage Regulator

The product is special auto transformer which is connectded in different forms.Its outputvoltage can be regulated smoothly and continuously from zero to the maximum value.Theprovision of an indicating meter is made for the models TDGC0.2,0.25,0.5/0.5(M).

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TypeCapacity(kVA)PhaseFrequency(Hz)Input voltage(V)Output voltage(V)Max output current(A)Shape Round
TDGC2 TDGC-0.5(C)0.5150/60110/2200-2500.88/2Round
TDGC2 TDGC-1/0.511.6/4
TDGC2 TDGC-223.2/8Hexagon
TDGC2 TDGC-3/0.534.8/12Round
TDGC2 TDGC-5/0.558/12Octagon
TDGC2 TDGC-10/0.51016/40
TDGC2 TDGC-15/0.51524/60
TDGC2 TDGC-20/0.52080
TSGC2 TSGC-3/0.53350/60220/3800-4301.6/4Hexagon
TSGC2 TSGC-6/0.563.2/8
TSGC2 TSGC-10/0.5105.4/13.4Octagon
TSGC2 TSGC-15/0.51520
TSGC2 TSGC-20/0.52028
TSGC2 TSGC-30/0.53040


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