SVF330 Series Mini Type AC Drive

SVF330 Series Mini Type AC Drive are developed for general applications of small power and OEM market. It applies V/f control technology, making the functions of PID, multiple-speed step, DC braking, Modbus communication, as well as less installation spac

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1. Main Features


1. Output frequency :0-600Hz.
2. Multiple password protection mode
3. Remote control operation keypad, convenient for remote control.
4. V/F curve &multi-inflection point setting, flexible configuration .
5. Keyboard parameter copy function. easy to set the parameters for multi-inverters .
6. Wide industry application . to expand special function according to different industries.
7. Multiple hardware and software protection and optimized hardware for anti-interference technology.
8. Multi-step speed and wobble frequency running (external terminal 15 steps speed control).
9. Unique adaptive control technology . Auto current limiting and voltage limiting and under-voltage restrain .
10. Optimized external installation and internal structure and independent air flue design , fully enclosed electrical space design .
11. Output automatic voltage regulation function .(AVR),automatically adjust the output pulse width . to eliminate the  influence  of the grid change on load .
12. Built-in PID regulation function to facilitate the  realization of closed loop control of the temperature ,pressure and flow . and reduce the cost of the control system .
13. Standard MODBUS communication protocol . easy to achieve the communication between PLC,IPC and other industrial equipments.


Inverter ModelVoltage(V)Power(KW)Current(A)Dimension(mm)

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