QCX2(LE1) Series Magnetic Starter

QCX2 series magnetic starter (hereinafter referred to as starter) is suitable for starting and stopping of three-phase squirrel cage motor with rated insulation voltage of 660V at AC 50 Hz (or 60 Hz) and rated working current of 95A, working voltage of 380 V under AC-3 service category, and it can protect the balance overload and phase failure of the motor. It complies to IEC947-4-1.


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Working and installation conditions:

  • The ambient air temperature is – 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, and the average value within 24 hours is no more than + 35 ℃.
  • Altitude: no more than 2000m
  • Atmospheric conditions: at + 40 ℃, the relative humidity of the atmosphere is not more than 50%; higher relative humidity can be allowed at lower temperature, the monthly average temperature of the wet month is not more than + 25 ℃, and the monthly average relative humidity of the month is not more than 90%;
  • Pollution level: 3;
  • Installation category: Class III;
  • Installation conditions: the inclination between the installation surface and the vertical surface shall not be greater than ± 5 degrees.
  • Impulse vibration: the product should be installed and used in a place without significant shaking, impact and vibration


Maximum Power AC3 duty (KW)SuitableThermal Relay(A)
QCX2-992.24445.55.5JR28 D1312
JR28 D1314
QCX2-121235. D1316
QCX2-181847.5991010JR28 D1321
QCX2-25255.51111111515JR28 D1322
JR28 D2353
QCX2-32327.515151518.518.5JR28 D2355
QCX2-40401118.522222230JR28 D3353
JR28 D3355
QCX2-5050152225303033JR28 D3357
JR28 D3359
QCX2-656518.53037373737JR28 D3361
QCX2-8080223745455545JR28 D3363
JR28 D3365
QCX2-9595254545455545JR28 D3365

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