LW30 Series Rotary Switches


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1.Working Conditions
Ambient temperature Do Not exceed 40藲C and the average temperature, measured over a
period of 24 hours, Do Not exceed 35藲C.
Ambient temperature should not be below -5藲C.
Should not be installed above 2000m above sea level.
The humidity should not exceed 50% when the ambient temperature is 40藲C and higher
humandity is allowed for lower temperature.

Current type: 50Hz AC
Number of main contact: ON and OFF
Frequency: 8 hours per day, 30 times per hour
Mechanism Life: 10000 times/AC-23, 6000 times/AC-3, 2000 times for additional contact.

2.Accessorial Code
Number of poles: 3P, 4P
Additional contacts: 0 for additional contacts not inclosed, 1 for with additional contacts
Neutral terminal: 0 for neutral terminal not inclosed, 1 for with earthing terminal.
Pad-lock escutcheon plate
Escutcheon plate
Single lock parallel installation
Doorlock safety switch with padlock system
Single hole installation
Type of box: 0 without protective box, 1 with IP65 plastic box

3.Accessorial Code
A clean environment is required.

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